Maintenance Contracts

We take pride in our maintenance program and use it to get the peak efficiency out of our customers existing system as well as making sure the unit is clean and operating safely. Other companies charge less and use it as a tool to get in the door and pressure the customer into buying a new system or any accessories they offer and do very little if anything at all to improve the efficiency of the system. We start by evaluating the systems operations by checking the refrigerant charge and taking amperage readings on all the motors and compressors. After assessing the operations we take the appropriate steps necessary to improve the system and getting the most out of what the customer has by cleaning coils, adjusting the charge, adjusting dampers, changing filters, checking electrical connections, and vacuuming all the dust and debris from the air handler/furnace blower compartment. We also flush the drain and add chemicals to the traps to kill any mold growth to prevent clogged drains. Once we have completed that we check everything again and make any recommendations for further service that we feel the system might need to reach peak efficiency. The only time we recommend replacement of a system is if it’s extremely inefficient or if a repair is not cost effective based on the age and condition of the existing system.



A/C, Furnace, or Heat Pump

(includes two services one spring, one fall)

Oil furnace with A/C

(includes two services one spring, one fall, nozzle, and oil filter)

Oil furnace with out A/C

(includes one service in the fall, nozzle, and oil filter)

Boiler with separate A/C system

(includes two services one spring, one fall)

Boiler with no A/C

(includes one service in the fall)


(includes one service in fall, and humidifier pad)

Filters are not included in the price but can be provided for $10 each for standard 1” pleated filter, and $37.50 each for Honeywell media filter. Coil cleaning is done with brush and hot water, if chemicals are needed there will be a $25.00 charge for the chemicals.

Commerical systems will need to be evaluated and quoted seperatley. Please give us a call at 703-369-3318 to schedule a free consulation.


*15% discount of any service, system replacement, and installation of any accessories with in the contract year.

*24 hour emergency service

*No overtime fee for emergency service same rate no matter if its 9am or 9pm.

*Peace of mind knowing your system is safe and running at peak efficiency.

*Longer life span on your system, just like a car the better you take care of it the longer it will last.

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